Client Data Rooms

Organise and access documents in secure digital data rooms that can be structured by team, client or other reporting groups - fast, secure, intuitive
Client Engagement Content Management Report Distribution Audit and Security Digital Factsheets Data Taxonomies Metadata and File Tagging Account History Automation Data Storage
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Key Features

Document Data Rooms

Centralise storage of agreements documents for quick and easy search and reference

Secure Approval Workflows

Visualise outstanding agreements and receive automated alerts for approval workflows

Onboarding & Efficiency Reporting

Monitor your team's efficiency in onboarding and approving new agreements with our dynamic reporting module.

Real-time Data Integrations

Integrate with your client master, transfer agents and more to associate all of your agreements across clients and fund ranges

Alerts and Notifications

Avoid late payments and obligations by creating scheduled alerts & notifications

Full Auditability

Complete record of all agreement changes ensuring all users know the latest version and amendments

How Client Data Rooms empower users

Sales Representative

Regional Brokerage Firm

I want to be able to access, version control and tag all documentation relating to all my clients

Operations Analyst

DB Public Pension Fund

I need to be able to securely access and download automated NAV statements and performance reports at portfolio level

Sales Manager

Boutique Investment Manager

I want secure data rooms for all my client groups so I can manage content such as RFP responses, Agreements and Client Reports centrally

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