Client Data Warehouse

Securely store, query and report on large volumes of structured and unstructured client data and documents from our platform, seamlessly integrating with your core enterprise applications
Hierarchy Roll-ups Report Calculations Report Builder Notification Engine Data as a Service Poly-templorality Data Governance APIs Low Latency Reporting
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Global Client Data Model

Our global client data model supports all types of client and product data structures across territories, platforms and client types

Calculations & Hierarchy Rollups

Roll-up Assets, Flows, Revenue and Performance across complex master data hierarchies in real-time and as the data changes

Flexible Integrations

We support a broad range of integration formats from automated file syncs, to report interfaces and APIs to ensure on demand access to data and insights

Intelligent Solution Design

Our cloud architects, data modellers and product owners work closely with clients to build solution architectures that scale with your data strategy

Report Builders

With our "Extract and Report" module, users are able to securely search, filter and download large time series datasets for off-line analytics

Notification Engines

Our notification engine can trigger data-driven business alerts to users where and when they need them - integrated with your enterprise SaaS solutions

How our Client Data Warehouse empowers users

Design Lead & Data Architect

Distribution IT

I want clean, timely data modelled against our common data model and under-pinned by Service Levels

Head of Data & Analytics

Global Data & Analytics

I need rich, high quality time series data provided under SLA to provide analytics and insights to downstream consumers and business processes

Data Security Auditor

Information Security

I need to evidence controls that ensure only appropriate users have access to client data and that we have appropriate consent

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