SmartDocs & KYC Passports

Take the pain out of onboarding, subscription and KYC processes with smart web forms and integrated document e-signature solutions
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Key Features

Document Data Rooms

Centralise storage of agreements documents for quick and easy search and reference

Secure Approval Workflows

Visualise outstanding agreements and receive automated alerts for approval workflows

Onboarding & Efficiency Reporting

Monitor your team's efficiency in onboarding and approving new agreements with our dynamic reporting module.

Real-time Data Integrations

Integrate with your client master, transfer agents and more to associate all of your agreements across clients and fund ranges

Alerts and Notifications

Avoid late payments and obligations by creating scheduled alerts & notifications

Full Auditability

Complete record of all agreement changes ensuring all users know the latest version and amendments

Getting data entry right the first time

Our web portal includes smart validation rules and crafted UX/UI features that speed up data entry and ensure subscription documents, new signatory requests forms and other operational artifacts can be digitised to cut out the back-and-forth and get data entry right the first time around

How SmartDocs & KYC Passports empower users

Client Service Specialist

Alternative Investment Manager

I want to avoid having to keep going back to investors and advisors to confirm onboarding and subscription information

Chief Operating Officer

European Hedge Fund

I want to bring agreements online to address audit, business continuity and operational efficiency roadmap items

TA Operations Analyst

Boutique Investment Manager

I want to digitise workflows for setting up new TA accounts, adding signatories and managing authorisations with my clients

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