Creating clarity for the world’s investment managers

How can investment managers grow assets or effectively service their revenue if they do not know who their clients are or how they make purchasing decisions?

At Aiviq, we address this challenge by forging disparate client investment information into enterprise-wide datasets that provide much-needed transparency on business performance for our investment managers — covering AUM, flow and revenue.

Our innovative data and analytics platform helps the world’s investment managers incentivise sales, analyse purchasing patterns, digitally service investors and meet financial reporting requirements.

We combine market-leading technology with industry expertise to enable you to successfully stay ahead of the competition.

Work at Aiviq

Our market-leading solutions and services are designed by exceptional talent. With our diverse team, you will work in a collaborative and inclusive environment, solving customers’ challenges for now and the future, all with a great deal of fun along the way.

Time to change the way you think about your clients, sales and products?

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