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We build data, workflow and analytics solutions centred around client economic data. Explore some of the user groups benefiting from the power of our platform below

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Sales & CRM

Evidence sales contribution with accurate KPIs for client flows and (net) revenue – by sales professional, sales team & territory


Strategic Account Manager

Institutional Client Group

I want a 360 degree view of a client relationship - flows, opportunities, contacts, agreement, campaigns & events

Head of Consultant Relations

Institutional Client Group

I want to see consultant influence over AUM, assets at risk and strategy ratings to focus my consultant relationship strategy

Regional Sales manager

US Intermediary

I want daily trade data by broker-dealer and 'big ticket' trade alerts in CRM so I can acknowledge business

Sales Manager - Switzerland

EMEA Sales Management

I need to be able to attribute inflows across major distribution partners to track sales team performance

Sales Director

Global Financial Institutions

I want accurate flows, AUM & revenue matched to branch and buying entity of large distributors and global institutions in CRM


Drive revenue growth and productivity improvements with client-centric KPIs, streamlined AUM reporting and workflow apps that halve service costs by cleaning up commercial terms, service obligations and agreements


Head of Distribution

Global Distribution

I want smarter ways of managing client data that relieve my teams of the manual pain and reconciliation burden and allow us to refocus on servicing client needs

Head of Client Service

Global Client Group

I want to see 'assets at risk' by client to plan proactive service initiatives and defend assets

Client Service Specialist

Global Financial Institutions

In CRM I want AUM client-hierarchy roll ups showing analytics on change in AUM by product

Chief Operating Officer

Global Distribution

I want to see (net) revenue over time by client, client segment, sales team and territory to allocate scarce resources

Client Service Specialist

UK Intermediary

I want to see AUM of all relevant agreements and service obligations to deliver 'one and done' service per client

Sales Support Specialist

APAC Distribution

I want to prepare RMs before their client meetings with accurate data about client flows, AUM and revenue by product

Digital & Marketing

Monitor flow & AUM impact of campaigns, digital experiments and client, prospect and visitor engagement across digital channels


Chief Digital Officer

Digital & Change

I want client engagement KPIs across digital channels that include economic value - holdings, revenue and change over time

Wholesale Marketing Manager

Digital & Marketing

I want to segment clients by recency and value of trades and holdings to qualify prospects for events and campaigns

Head of HNWI

Wealth Management

I want to build recent client flows and CRM activity into campaign engines to deliver targeted digital content to engaged buyers

ExCo & Strategy

Drive cost, revenue and client experience objectives across the enterprise with client-centric KPIs to support organic growth and acquisition strategy


Chief Executive Officer

Global Leadership Team

I want to demonstrate a data driven distribution strategy and lean operating model to investors and potential acquisitions

Strategy Director

Corporate Strategy & Acquisitions

I want to be be able to assess cost and revenue synergies of an acquisition, including overlapping clients and teams

Chief Finance Officer

Global Leadership Team

I need to report on how Flows, FX and Market movements have changed AUM across business segments in the financial year so I can explain drivers behind asset growth

Finance & Operations

Pay and process fee invoices, rebates and distributor payments using accurate client & distributor holdings data married to agreement terms


Finance Business Manager

Finance Operations

I want to drive business performance by understanding flows, holdings and revenue by client by product

Financial Reporting Analyst

Finance Operations

I want to be able to reconcile investment, client and accounting books of record for month-end AUM reporting

TA Operations Lead

TA Oversight

I want to be able to report on Agent, Client and Account AUM by investor tax jurisdiction and country of domicile across all funds

Product & Compliance

Attribute change in FUM and product revenue over time – FX, performance, new money – by client and segment


Compliance Analyst

Governance, Risk & Compliance

I want to look through the distribution chain to confirm suitability of product for end investor

Head of Product

Product Management

I want to see holdings, revenue & net revenue contribution to fund broken out by client

Operational Risk Specialist

Governance, Risk & Compliance

I want to see daily investor concentration in fund, redemption history and measures of redemption risk

Data Security Auditor

Information Security

I need to evidence controls that ensure only appropriate users have access to client data and that we have appropriate consent

Technology & Data

End duplicative wrangling of messy data. Receive accurate atomic AUM, flows & revenue data coupled with rich workflow and analytics tooling and SLA-backed service to accelerate your programmes


Data Scientist

Analytics Centre of Excellence

I need access to full time series asset and flow data as well as behavioural and qualitative to model scenarios, correlate activity and train recommendation engines

Head of Data Governance

Global Technology

I want to see data standards and data quality metrics supporting all data flowing across our strategic data architecture

Design Lead & Data Architect

Distribution IT

I want messy transaction data cleaned, standardized against common data model and under-pinned by Service Levels

Head of Data & Analytics

Global Data & Analytics

I need rich, high quality data provided under SLA to provide analytics and insights to downstream consumers and business processes

Head of Business Intelligence

Distribution Management Office

I want new data solutions to support real-time integrations with our enterprise BI tools to empower users to craft their own reports

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